Sadiq Khan has impelled the Government to offer money to the owners of older, diesel powered vehicles to discard their polluting engines and replace them with cleaner, greener car. It is also true a measure like this one is far from enough. The ultimate cause of environmental untimely death in Europe and UK is air pollution, which has killed more people than traffic accidents. It’s not only endangering the children’s life but also causing hospital admissions to increase more and more and cutting short life expectancy.
It’s also a well known fact that London’s air has the poorest quality in the UK and among the poorest in Europe as well. Thousands of Londoners die each year due to affections originating in air pollution, getting close to 10% of all deaths in the capital. The main cause for air pollution being.. of course, traffic. The London Health Commission already emphasized the importance and the need for quick introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone, as intended in the Mayor’s air quality plan, which would place very strict regulations on vehicle emissions.

Despite publishing of such suggestion, there has been a visible rise in London traffic in the recent years, with a significant number of cars having diesel engines that produce the highest level of pollution. How? The chemical mixture we inhale into our lungs is harmful to the blood vessels and affects the rhythm of the heart. Exposure over a long time period is also associated with asthma and cancer of the lungs.

Even the slightest reduction in pollution would have a huge effect on the health of London’s inhabitants. Studies revealed if particles emitted by the diesel engines would be cut down just by five micrograms per cubic metre per year, at least 150 lives would be saved annually in London, also more than 600 hospital admissions for cardiac and respiratory problems would be prevented.