Collaborative technology community Binary District Education Center has launched in London.

The centre offers events and training on cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Biotech, SMM, Agile and the Internet of Things.

Binary District Education Center is a creative and collaborative tech community. The centre was founded to address the growing skills and educational gap in emerging technologies. Its presence in London joins Binary District’s growing network of centres in Moscow and Amsterdam.

Supported by several extensive partnerships, including Digital October Center, IBM and Waves Platform, Binary District will offer educational programs and a series of both large scale and intimate events. The centre provides access to the minds behind pioneering technologies and a range of educational services for researchers, developers, tech entrepreneurs and business owners.

Binary District’s goal is to create a platform that encourages mutually beneficial interactions between those with extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technology and those looking to learn and upskill.

An important part of the ecosystem created by Binary District is the newly launched Binary District Journal, which serves as a comparative display of different opinions. The primary focus of the Journal is to educate and inform – “no hype, just facts.”

Veronika Kyshova, CEO of Binary District, said: “The best way to learn about new technology is to speak to the minds behind the ideas and businesses that are driving innovation. This is why our courses and events are supervised and run by pioneers and leaders from a variety of fields including blockchain, machine learning, AI, VR and cybersecurity.

“There is definitely a growing skills gap – especially in emerging technologies. We want to help close this by inspiring people, upskilling them and providing support to help businesses capitalise on the latest technology trends. Our services could really help both established and new businesses by educating leaders, investors and lawyers on how to successfully integrate these new technologies.”

Binary District will kick off 2018 with a series of meetups and open lectures for the blockchain community featuring presentations and keynote speeches from some of the most influential researchers and developers in the blockchain space. Most notably, the centre will host a conference on February 22 with the aim of providing practical and theoretical insight into blockchain development – from blockchain security and its application in business to scalability proposals and potential use-cases.

Through its conferences, the centre has introduced the European blockchain tech community to thought leaders such as Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, cybersecurity specialist Michael Perklin and blockchain researchers including Patrick McCorry and Vlad Zamfir.