Transportation in contemporary times has gotten very advanced and so has changed the modes of payment of the fares for the journeys people take through the bus, tube or rail. A relatively newly introduced mode of payment is contactless with credit or debit card which has taken up all the previous modes in the due course of last five years. London transport has recorded a huge number in billions who have most recently paid for their journeys via contactless credit or debit card.

London initiated this contactless mode of payment back in 2012 on the bus fleet and seeing its success and positive progress the DLR, Overground, Tube and national rail services also swamped this new mode of payment by 2014. Not only the transport services are happy by these cards, even the travelers have accepted and welcomed this new mode of payment and appreciate the technology by getting rid of the old paper tickets and even the Oyster cards.

Being the local government body that is responsible for running the transport in Greater London, TFL has designed this contactless payment system in a way to equip it with several autonomous deals and offers, calculating the cheapest fare based on a passenger’s travel throughout the day and offering daily and weekly capping for regular travellers.

The contactless payment method has extended its wings and on average, around two million people travel around London every day using this mode of payment. It has now been taken up from 25 percent to 40 percent in 2016 of all the ‘pay as you go’ journeys.

Not only travelers are excessively using the mode of contactless credit and debit card, they can also use, even more advanced means of apps and smart methods like Google Wallet, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay and happily plan their journeys online through their cell phones, almost one in 10 contactless transactions being now made using mobile devices.

In total, TFL claims that in the past year, 31 million contactless transactions were made using cell phones, online medium and debit & credit cards.

The system of contactless payments was devised because of the efforts of Shashi Verma who is a Chief Technology Officer in TFL. Shared with public: “The new system has revolutionized the entire payment system for the travelers in London and its worth taking pride in the fact that it has enhanced the total number of journeys made every year through the capital’s transport network. It has brought ease and comfort for the travelers who take the rides for several of their purposes.”

Mr. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of the London city also said: “London and TFL has together bagged this new innovation of contactless payment method and they will expand their technology with every passing year and will work and invest for making the progress in the development of the London, its Transport and its people.”

Photo source: Mastercard