There are some nice plans regarding the Nine Elms area, aimed at making the streets safer and facilitating transportation on two wheels for cyclists with a 2.5 km long segregated cycle route along the Nine Elms Lane and continuing with the Battersea Park Road.

There’s a lot of work to improve the junctions and signals, separating the lanes for motor vehicles and cyclists, improving the bus lanes, more than 23 pedestrian crossings and making wider pavements. In case this project gets a green light for implementation, the funds will be assured by local developers.

The TfL representative Leon Daniels recently declared: “The transformation of the Nine Elms area is an important project for everybody. It will not only bring new homes and jobs, but will also see new shops and parks in the area. We have been working with the council and developers on temporary measures to ensure the safety of everyone while construction takes place and now we are setting out our proposals for longer-term improvements in this area. The pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users will be the major benefits of this transformation which will significantly improve the area, will also create a much better environment.”

Will Norman, London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, added: “The changes at Nine Elms will improve the lives of many people, possibly thousands of people living in the area over the coming years. The new segregated cycle route and re-designed junctions and public spaces will encourage walking, cycling and help the public transport. Our city continues to grow; that’s why it’s of outmost importance that we continue to get more and more Londoners walking and cycling as part of their everyday lives. Whether they’re commuting into Central London from home or taking small journeys around the area, the project, once implemented, will make a real difference and will improve the quality of life.”