Mr. Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London announced the awarding of £4.5m to the London boroughs to install 1,500 electric vehicle charging points throughout the residential areas of London. To keep the air of London clean, the zero-carbon transport idea along with the numerous charging points is a crucial step towards his vision of creating a safer and greener city for Londoners through the use of electric vehicles.

This budget of £4.5m has been awarded to 25 different boroughs, from the government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles to install these charging points in the capital. It will be the responsibility of every borough to come up with better and useful ideas like consuming less resource & space to make better use of the funds allocated to them.

Mr Mayor further shared that to achieve the goal of creating a transport system in London which has zero emission by 2050, this practical step of investing for a better infrastructure was a must dive, we had to take. He also emphasized on the point of how these charging points will help in making the use of electric vehicle a common thing, across the city.

TFL’s Head of Strategy and Outcome Planning, Lilli Matson added: “We and the boroughs are together in the cause of making the transport greener and the quality of air better in the city and thus, the funding going to the boroughs is safe and will be utilized well.”

Mr. Julian Bell, Chair of London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee, said that he is quite happy with this allocation of funds so that the people can stay safe and pollution from the air of London could be reduced. He appreciated the move of the London boroughs who will ultimately install these easy and accessible charging points in the city. He said that this will invisibly push people towards the use of these safe electric vehicles more commonly.