Founded in 2014, ÉLÉVATIONE is a contemporary skin care brand inspired by the Salvador Dali’s iconic surrealist piece “The Persistence of Memory” where melting watches convey the art of manipulating time. In the same vein, the ÉLÉVATIONE brand ethos disregards the rules of aging in a bid to visibly slow the hands of time.

ÉLÉVATIONE skin care caters to mature women through their Preserve Series and through the Repair Series with a specialist range of cleansers, masks, serums and moisturizers dedicated to each Series. The brands innovative formulas contain natural handmade infusions made from plant extracts suspended in fresh water or olive oil. Allowed to infuse for three days, this process creates a rich and unique mineral and vitamin rich base composition in which to hold three exclusive patented technologies:

Aqualuxe: present in the Preserve Series product range, Aqualuxe ensures optimal water balance within the skin, improves the skins water holding capacity and boosts moisture levels for an extended period post application.

Tightox Complex: a firming and pore refining agent created using a unique composition of plant extracts obtained by stem cell culture of Globularia cordifolia, works as an anti-ageing bodyguard.

Revivieye: Nourishes skin under eye area and removes wrinkles and fine lines. This remarkable product eliminates heavy dark circles under eyes in a matter of days.

Make up bag essentials including the Perfect Canvas Liquid Foundation which has a built-in primer that blurs pores, minimizes fine lines, brightens and rejuvenates the skin using Prodizia a solution that also visibly reduces the appearance of fatigue. The Magnetiful Mask is enriched with ingredients of exceptional quality including 24K gold, Calendula Oil that rehydrates and revitalizes sun damaged or aged skin, Borage Seed Oil which softens and nourishes the skin, with a high concentration of gamma-linolenic acid and Collagen to enhance skin elasticity.

Within just three years, ÉLÉVATIONE has grown into a global brand now with twelve boutiques located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, the Philippines and America. Speaking of the brand’s upcoming launch in London The UK brand manager Hadil Siksek said: “We are delighted to open our first UK boutique in London’s Mayfair. As the tourism capital of Europe, we have always viewed London as the prime location for ÉLÉVATIONE to enter the European market and our new home in Mayfair provides the perfect address to welcome our distinguished International clientele.”

The Brook Street boutique exhibits artwork by Salvador Dali, from his famous piece “El Triomf I el Rodoli de la Gala I en Dali.’ providing an indulgent and creative cocoon where clients are invited to relax, enjoy a personally tailored treatment and immersive themselves in the ÉLÉVATIONE experience where, for a few precious moments – time stops.