Success Resources is proud to announce the addition of Sandy Jadeja to the line-up of speakers at this year’s National Achievers Congress, taking place from 22-23 October at the ExCel in London.

Recently interviewed by NBC, CNBC Europe and Business Insider, Sandy Jadeja correctly forecasted major moves in the Financial Markets, Gold, The British Pound and Oil Prices months in advance. As he stated:

What I look really for is cyclical information where I expect something to happen and then I wait for the market to actually indicate if that scenario is building up.

Why should you listen to this man?

It started with four accurately forecasted market crashes and that number has now increased to seven precisely predicted market crashes.

Voted the top 50 most influential people for Forex, CFD’s and Spread Betting, Sandy is the market analyst who forecasts when the markets are setting up for major moves in Gold, Forex and Global Stock Markets.

Here’s how Sandy Jadeja explains his process:

Trading does not have to be complicated. If you can just learn the simple price patterns and have a clear open mind, then this skill can be used to increase your income from anywhere in the world.

How can you use his wisdom?

In order to find a profitable trading opportunity, you simply need to be able to listen to the markets. Interestingly, once you know the very specific patterns to look for you can then use this skill to help you forecast major turning points in the global markets. It doesn’t not have to be difficult but instead we are simplifying the process by removing all unnecessary noise and simply focusing on what is in front of you. Like anything in life this is a skill and it can be learnt.

By focusing on predictable chart patterns and paying close attention to what market experts like Sandy Jadeja have to say, you can learn how to identify and position yourself for upcoming potential trading opportunities.

Also, it may be worthwhile to keep in mind Sandy’s golden advices:

Don’t trade with more money than you can afford to lose. Think big, start small. Focus on simple strategies and you can start off with the right foot.

Who else will be at the National Achievers Congress in London?

Sandy will share the stage with world-renowned speakers like Tony Robbins, Jason Vale and Eddie the Eagle. His purpose is to impart knowledge related to when, where, and why a market is about to take off to the upside or even forecast major declines.

Since Sandy’s financial intuition is valuable knowledge for dominant mass media, it may be worth your time to spare a weekend and see the most influential market strategist in the UK live.