We are a dynamic team of law specialists, made up of lawyers, mediators, notaries and translators, who provide advice and legal services to all courts and institutions located in the UK.

Our concept of integrated legal services is based on experience and proven solutions in practice, ensuring peace of mind, continuity and business growth.

Exclusive representation is one of our priorities if you are eligible.

We offer 24/7 phone and online advice, creating an effective relationship with our customers to save time and resources.

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Family Law

If the relationship with your partner can not continue and you want:

  • to separate or to divorce;
  • to obtain the custody of the child;
  • to determine the child’s domicile;
  • to obtain or to modify your child’s visit schedule;
  • to divide the common goods,

We Can Help.

If you are a victim of domestic violence we can intervene to:

  • obtain the removal of the violent husband from home;
  • obtain the restriction order.


Labor Law

Depending on your contractual relationship, if you believe that you have suffered an injustice in respect to wage or contract/labour rights, we will take all due diligence to employers, contractors or competent authorities to resolve your problem as soon as possible and more favorably.

We provide advice and assistance in drafting or signing employment contracts, collaboration, confidentiality contracts.

Civil Rights

We have expertise in various civil litigation and will choose the most relevant solutions to your needs in areas such as:

  • Civil contracts;
  • Recovery of amounts due;
  • Misunderstandings with landlords / tenants;
  • Defamation or deeds that harm your personal reputation;
  • Legal assistance and representation.


Criminal Law

Our lawyers provide advice and representation for all kinds of criminal law procedures, being able to represent you at any Court located in the UK but also at any police station when someone is in custody.

We are available 24/7 to provide you with telephone and online advice.


In case you have been involved in an accident at work or car accident or you have been injured in a public place, we can help you get the best compensation you deserve, based on the principle We do not win, You do not pay!

Immigration / Expulsion / Residence


  • official documents, college diplomas, school diplomas;
  • birth certificate / marriage / death, professional certificates;
  • bilingual proxies, court decisions;
  • medical certificates, medical certificates, salary certificates;

We also provide interpreting services to GP, council, school, etc.


MEDIATION is the efficient, flexible and rapid way for resolution of conflicts.

MEDIATION is the amicable solution to solve conflicts with the help of a third party mediator, under conditions of neutrality, impartiality and confidentiality.

MEDIATION is a private and confidential procedure supervised by an independent mediator, helping the parties define their interests more clearly and guide them so that they can build together mutually beneficial variants to resolve the conflict.

Choosing to resolve any disputes through mediation, choose to get rid of resource issues (money, time, lawyers, instances, insults, threats, stress) and make you a comfortable future.

Last but not least, finally resorting to the Court, the fact that the parties have previously shown their willingness to settle the litigation amicably, will have a constructive connotation over the judge.


Family Mediation

Family mediation is a way for couples who are going to separate or who have already separated to resolve conflicts in order to reach an agreement that meets the needs of each party or each family member in an advantageous way.

Mediation involves solving the problem by mutual agreement, discreetly, through a fair compromise; it does not satisfy the pride, and it is not desirable to solve it by an authority that can help the other.

Family mediation is a dialogue conducted in a relaxing and confidential environment designed to harmonize and resolve the misunderstandings at one time, restoring civilized and effective communication between the parties.

How mediation takes place

Mediation consists of one or more meetings between the parties involved and the mediator that favors communication between them, collaborates with both sides in order to find appropriate solutions to the issues that concern both the couple and especially the children.

This opens up the possibility of building together a project or mutual engagement, lasting in time, simply because it is chosen by you and not necessarily imposed by someone else. Such a plan has much greater chances to be respected.

What family mediation isn’t?

It is not a couple or family therapy.
It is not legal advice.


Banking Mediation

The mediation procedure can also be successfully applied in the case of disputes between the client and the bank, when the client does not want direct execution or to go to court.

Of course, debt to the bank does not represent a conflict in itself, but it is the failure of the two parties involved in the lending process to find a unanimously accepted formula that changes the terms and conditions of the loan or leasing contract in the particular situation in which they can no longer be respected by one of the parties.

Banking mediation helps the parties directly negotiate a new refund method, different from the one originally set.

Commercial Mediation

In business, time is money and mediation offers immediate, tangible and concrete solutions.

Success or failure in business in an ever-changing economic environment is based on the quality of business relationships between business partners, relationships that once built must be maintained. For these reasons, the business environment has undoubtedly adopted mediation as a means of quenching trade disputes.

Negotiation is specific to the business environment and mediation is in fact a negotiation coordinated by a neutral third party, without decision-making power, but which contributes successfully to ending the conflict.

The costs involved in this kind of mediation are reduced compared to those incurred by the litigation. Divergences are resolved by consensus, the solution generated by the parties being mutually accepted.

Ending a commercial conflict through mediation is elegant and effective, enabling business partners to continue their business relationships, vital to business success.

The confidentiality of commercial mediation is very important for business partners and this can only be preserved through mediation. In the courts, the notion of confidentiality does not exist.

Commercial mediation is informal, the parties have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of the deal with the lawyers of the companies, this environment conducting to taking responsible, mutually agreed decisions.


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