In continuation of its initiative to optimize sales revenue, Transport for London announced a deal with TSBA which will be for 5 years with the foremost brand licensing group. The deal will ensure that several iconic designs from London become available to product makers throughout the world.

Under the agreed terms, TSBA will come up with a new model technique that will enable organizations to certify the underground map of London, Roundel by the TFL as well as the first Routemaster bus to be added to their products.
It was stated by TfL that its partner work will be on a commission-based structure in order to be sure that the agreement maximizes the expected revenue, which will all be invested back into the transportation network and also sustain bringing innovations while reducing transport costs.

According to David Ellis, who is Transport for London’s Head of IPR Development, London has long been a world class city of rich heritage and technology and the representatives of TfL are delighted that the company is now identified with that heritage. The partnership with TSBA will offer TfL the competence to re-align and also improve the licensing activities and allows them to be at the same pace with the international market to make new profits to invest back into transportation.

On his own part, the Chief Executive of TSBA, Ian Mallalue stated they are privileged to be in partnership with such an internationally-known icon, as TfL has an amazing heritage of fantastic designs, with immediately distinguishable and adored logos, vehicles and art. The Tube map, the Routemaster Bus, the underground roundel of London, as well as Johnston font, gets to all the nook and cranny of London, and are connected with its rich heritage and thrilling future. This amazing relationship, love and legendary status will give TSBA an opportunity to showcase London to the whole world through the use of top-notch British designs. He continued the TfL’s team has surely done a terrific job in creating a wonderful, design-based, licensing collection; it is TSBA’s hope that they can assist TfL to develop their brand in other areas such as accessory and home wares while making the most use of international opportunities.