Motorola introduces the world exclusive launch of its award winning Smart Nursery range, a collection of six new products with innovative technologies that make up the world’s most intelligent connected baby nursery. Available exclusively at John Lewis for the launch, Motorola’s Smart Nursery is a family of connected products that are smart on their own, but even smarter together. The range will be available on the 4th floor, in the nursery department, and offers a wide array of interactive products including a smart baby monitor with 7″ touch screen, smart camera, alert sensor, connected scales, humidifier and dream machine with features including in-depth analytic tracking, a rechargeable camera and digital scrapbook and video diary.

Each product works through the Hubble Connected app to track sleeping patterns, monitor nursery conditions, send alerts and more. Parents can use the information from the Motorola Smart Nursery on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to learn more about their baby, and the nursery’s environment.

The hero product in the range is the Smart Nursery Connect 7, a portable Wi-Fi video baby monitor that comes with the market’s first rechargeable camera. It includes a 7-inch touch screen monitor, and utilises smart analytics. This new monitor – along with all six products – serves alongside Hubble Connected for Smart Nursery app, for iOS and Android, as the nursery’s central hub and works with the rest of the Smart Nursery range to enable parents to find the perfect balance. RRP £299.99

Smart Nursery Cam: This portable Wi-Fi video baby camera with a rechargeable battery features HD (Up to 1080p) video streaming, smile and cry detection and sleep quality monitoring. The camera is included with the Smart Nursery Connect 7 or available to purchase separately as an additional or standalone Wi-Fi camera. RRP £169.99

Smart Nursery Alert Sensor: Placed on doors, windows or baby gates, a push notification will alert the user when the connected sensor has been open or closed allowing peace of mind. Single Pack: RRP £29.99 / Twin Pack: RRP £49.99

Smart Nursery Baby & Me Scale: This connected scale tracks a baby’s weight using the data to track daily, weekly and monthly progress, as well as utilizing the in-app growth chart to monitor a baby’s development. The scale can also be used by the whole family, as up to three additional adults can chart their progress. RRP £79.99

Smart Nursery Humidifier+: Humidity plays a key part in the quality of baby’s sleep, and this connected humidifier features air and water purification to help breathing easier. Including four levels of cool mist diffusion and three timers, parents can control and adjust the settings from a compatible smartphone, tablet or Smart Nursery Connect 7. RRP £99.99

Smart Nursery Dream Machine: With a connected sound and light show projector with night/mood light setting, the dream machine also features a selection of three animated scenes and traditional lullabies to help parents lull their newborn to sleep. If these don’t work, the dream machine also featuring two-way communication to hear and calm them down using your own voice, or there’s the option of downloading additional lullabies. RRP £79.99

Dino Lalvani, Chairman of Binatone Global said “Today’s technology helps to capture, analyse and inform all of us, to help make the best decisions. Being able to enrich baby care in this way by providing this level of intelligence to your smartphone is a connected experience that we are very proud of and an innovation which leads the way in the future of nursery. Our new ecosystem of products equips parents with the tools to ensure their baby’s safety, health, comfort and happiness.”

All of Motorola’s Smart Nursery products are powered by Hubble Connected to create the most interactive, intelligent nursery in the market.