Things are moving towards the acquisition of a new fleet of DLR trains. After TfL board members were asked to approve the purchase of new trains, now it was released the news train builders are being invited to submit bids for a new generation of Docklands Light Railway trains.

They would enter service starting from the year 2022 and would uphold all the suave features of luxury and convenience for the travelers by featuring air-conditioning and USB ports that will allow passengers to charge their mobile devices while travelling through London using the DLR.

Danny Price, Transport for London’s Director of DLR, said: “We are aiming to improve the capacity of Docklands Light Railway by 30% and hope to obtain the comforting benefits like better reliability and satisfied customers as we believe these new trains will bring a significant positive change in the current status of the service. We are likely to propose a tender by the end of this year and will save the best value of money with the support of East London.”

Image: TfL