Our country’s history and its historic places carry an indestructible attachment for every citizen. This video brings about all the old footage of the most significant places in London dated back from its true times.

The old footage in this video is from different time spheres falling between 1890 -1920. The video has delightfully summarized them with current location maps and developments that have been made over the years to the historic places. If we all would be given the chance to pour our hearts into the research of the physical features and architectural developments that have been made over the years, we will be completely lost and mesmerized. The old buildings and places in this clip are awe striking, especially the momentous buildings and memorials: Bank of England, Monument of the Great Fire, Downing Street, Black Friar’s Bridge, St Paul Cathedral, The Tower Bridge, The Royal Court of Justice, Piccadilly Circus, Eleanor Cross, St James’s Palace, Admiralty Arch, Nelson Church, Crimean War Memorial, Buckingham Palace, Victoria Memorial or Trafalgar Square.

This video has delightfully compared the footage of old famous and well celebrated places in London with the current times, starting from Westminster to the Tower Bridge and from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square. It potted some amazing 46 vintage shots from around London. It also refreshes in our mind the development of filming from flipbook animation, black & white shots, motion pictures and footages with the twist of advanced techniques of filming.

The amazing shots of horse carts and bicycles to be replaced by the most urbane vehicles of the modern times, the fashion in apparels to be taken up by the contemporary trends, the architectural changes with the excessive use of glass windows and light tiles nowadays.

This footage amazingly refreshes all the historical places in your memory and helps you picture the history in your mind as it should be, increasing your understanding of the historical events and your vision which is bound to inculcate a never ending true patriotic love for your country.

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history
George Orwell