City Hall is expected to finance a tablet lending programme which aims to allow the older and socially neglected Londoners and also school children to get access to the internet.

As outlined by a Greater London Authority briefing paper, a quarter of handicapped people as well as financially inactive Londoners, along with one out of ten from BAME communities in London have “never make use of the web ” while one in four in the C2DE communities do not possess simple digital skills.

Individuals that do not possess equipment and access to the web stands at risk of getting deprived of the best offers which are usually only obtainable online, in addition to this, they could also have to cope with less job opportunities and also be more susceptible to social exclusion and isolation.

The £50,000 programme, that is anticipated to be launched by June 2017, was built on the election promise of Mayor Sadiq Khan to minimize digital exclusion.

While in the preliminary stage a minimum of 70 tablets are going to be lent to eligible Londoners by neighborhood libraries and local community centres within the coming year. People involved in this programme will be motivated to complete a primary digital ability training course.

The ‘Mi Wifi’ programme is being developed to be easy to scale up so that if it turns out to be well accepted, it will be rolled out across London.